Geography - Continents of the World

We have been learning about the continents of the world. We worked in groups to find out some of the physical features of each continent: the highest mountains, the longest rivers, the largest lakes and the smallest countries.

We realised that there are no countries in Antarctica and there are no permanent residents.



Science - Animals and Food Chains

In our Science lessons we have been learning about what animals eat and what a food chain is.

We have also been examining our own teeth and finding out the name and functions of them.

Incisors are flat and at the front of our mouths. We use them for cutting and biting.

Canines are sharp and help us to rip and tear our food.

Our molars help us to grind and chew our food before we swallow it.

We had great fun trying to find and label our teeth!




Reception Reading Partners

Year 4 have started reading with their partners in Reception. All the children enjoyed choosing a book to read and then finding a nice cosy place to read their stories.