Every year, pupils in Year 6 take official 'SATs' tests.
The information below shows the latest results for the children who took the tests in May 2019. Please note these performance measures are not current due to SATs 2020 and 2021 being cancelled due to the pandemic.

The DfE publishes these statistics - if you would like to see more detailed information or  earlier years' figures, please use the link below.

The first tables show the percentage of pupils reaching the expected and higher standards in the tested subjects. Below that we have published the scaled scores.

Children are given a scaled score based on their SATs tests. 100 is the expected level, those with a score less than 100 are working at a lower level. All the scores are averaged out to enable comparisons to be made between schools.

Progress is measured on a different scale. Here, 0.0 indicates expected progress. A number above this (up to 10) indicated better than typical progress, a number lower than 0.0 (ie a negative number) indicates less than typical progress.


Key Stage 2 Results 2019 


2019 KS2 Percentage of Pupils
Expected Standard School National
Yr 6 Reading, Writing Maths 67% 65%
Yr 6 Reading 77% 73%
Yr 6 Writing 93% 79%
Yr 6 Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling 80% 78%
Yr 6 Maths 83% 79%



2019 Higher Standard Attainment
  School National
Reading 27% 27%
Writing 20% 20%
Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling 23% 36%
Maths 27% 27%



Average attainment in reading:   105.13

National: 104.41

Progress in reading: 0.97


Average attainment in maths: 105.63

National: 105.05

Progress in maths: 0.82


Percentage meeting expected standard in reading, writing* and maths: 64.52%

National: 63.52%


*Writing is measured by teacher assessment

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